Are you intimidated, bamboozled or simply seduced by the world of digital?

In 2000 I was responsible for the launch and performance of a transactional website, ably supported when they weren’t doing their day jobs, by 2 from IT and 2 from marketing. Back then it was about securing an online presence, being first in the market and it’s fair to say making sure we weren’t missing out on what could be the next big thing.

Today that website is a multi million pound business driven by e-commerce, product management, marketing and an excellent external agency – each with a fair share of “geeks” who talk about Pandas, Penguins, Panguins, Screaming Frogs, Fat Fingers, PPCs, SEOs, Vanity and Sanity Metrics.

As a Director of the business it was vital I was aware of, but not distracted, bamboozled, intimidated, or seduced by this exciting, shiny, nothing is impossible virtual world.

The recent “On The Edge Digital Conference” in Birmingham informed the attendees of the one billion facebook users and 200 million LinkedIn users; that digital advertising spend accounts for 31% of total advertising spend, the response rate to an email is 0.1%, the conversion to sale from an advert is 0.01% and that there are 10 million “pieces of news” created and posted every day.

So how do SME’s survive in this fast moving, crowded, new world where you are no longer even in control of your message?


  1. Remember the fundamentals of marketing – identify, engage and satisfy.
  2. Get your people, product and process aligned to the digital world.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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