The Skills for Growth – were they developed or axed in your business during the recession?

As the worst of the recession is reported to be behind us, focus is now turning to the lack of skills required for growth.

If it is to be believed computing, engineering and manufacturing are all crying out for a skilled workforce to help drive the recovery, the need to convert our NEETS into Apprentices, and re-train our long term unemployed to be able to return to employment is topping the political, if not the boardroom agenda.

One group that doesn’t seem to be attracting such attention are the senior managers, who after implementing rounds of cost saving initiatives also became a cost saving, as the recession forced businesses to re-strategise in order to survive.

In short skills, experience, knowledge and expertise that served a business well in times of growth were lost at the top, as well as at the bottom of the pyramid.

So the choice facing CEOs and MDs today is whether to train or recruit the necessary skills for growth, in order to exit the recession riding the wave rather than wallowing in the wake.

As an employer you would have supported your middle managers to fill the void by mentoring, training and developing their skill set as future senior managers of your business, and whilst mindful of the old adage that it takes time to “put a wise head on young shoulders”, you could now be well placed to exploit the opportunities of growth.

When updating your senior manager’s skills matrix, you will have been cognisant of what skills will be paramount in driving your business growth in this changing landscape – and could still be faced with the same question of whether to train or recruit.

A question that needs to be answered, sooner rather than later, if you are going to ride that wave!

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