KPI’s love them or loathe them – ten tips to help you use them rather than abuse them.

  1. Do remember they are ONLY Indicators.
  2. Don’t have too many – they can distract from the real issues.
  3. Do use selectively on the things that matter.
  4. Don’t ignore the input of those who work in the area when defining the KPI for the area.
  5. Do spend time on the creation of questions for customer & employee engagement.
  6. Don’t assume one size will fit across all functions.
  7. Do monitor, discuss and share regularly.
  8. Don’t assume high customer satisfaction ratings will guarantee customer loyalty.
  9. Do review their continued relevance to the business.
  10. Don’t collect data for data sake.

Improving the performance of your business, by improving the performance of your people, the profitability of your products and the productivity of your process.

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