Managing Motivational Meetings

I could get far more work done, if I wasn’t wasting my time in so many boring meetings! We have all heard it said and some of us, if we’re honest, have thought it. It’s not impossible to manage motivational meetings, so why do so many fail in what is a relatively straight forward process.


Here are ten tips on how to succeed in managing motivational meetings.

1. Start by asking yourself “is there enough of a reason to call a meeting” – so many automatically default to “we need a meeting”

2. Decide on the purpose of the meeting and draw up a specific agenda to meet that purpose.

3. Decide on who needs to attend and be prepared to justify your attendee list.

4. Be very clear on how long the meeting will need to be to cover all the agenda items – do not try to cover too much in one meeting.

5. Start on time and finish on time – don’t be part of the reason for the meeting over running.

6. Ensure all attendees have the opportunity to participate and contribute at the meeting.

7. Ensure that the participation and contribution is effective – be on your guard for “grenades” and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from the agenda.

8. When necessary to take decisions, take decisions that are appreciated by the participants.

9. Encourage the culture that allows attendees to leave once there is nothing further for them to contribute – a simple “does anyone have anything else for me, otherwise I’ll excuse myself and get back to my desk” usually meets with nods of approval and a Thanks for your contribution.

10. Finish by summarising the commitment and get your minutes out within 48 hours, with the next meeting date (if one was agreed) and agenda as the final item.

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