What makes your company so special?


Your company is not special if you simply deliver what you say you will deliver.

What is it that you do that keeps your customers or clients coming back to you rather than going to your competitors?

What are your real differentiators?

Often companies I work with are shocked and disappointed to learn that what they stand for, that is their values, do not really differentiate them from their competitors.

Today, values such as service, quality, range, price and choice are all taken for granted, even honesty no longer counts as such, after all which company do you know of, that admits to being dishonest?

If you dare to get beneath your initial list of things, that you think makes your company so special, how many are genuine differentiators and how many are simply “me-too”?  You too could be shocked and disappointed.

Your differentiators could be your people, your location, your premises, your brand or even your business philosophy.

In a commoditised world where products and services can and are copied in weeks, it’s increasingly important to be able to differentiate yourself, if you are going to attract, retain and grow your customers and ultimately your business.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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