Great Products or Great Marketing – which one really matters the most?

When great products suffer from poor marketing they never become best sellers!

“Wow that’s fantastic,why hasn’t everyone got one!” Can you imagine the emotions of the management when they heard the buyer say that about their product !

I for one didn’t know whether to cheer or cry as I heard it – delight for the recognition given to the product and frustration for the lack of awareness.

The “why hasn’t everyone got one”, was a double edged sword…it’s so good everyone should have one -v- what’s wrong with it, if after all this time everyone hasn’t got one?

On reflection the buyer had raised as much doubt in his exclamation, as he had enthusiasm.

The finger was well and truly pointed at the Marketing team… Why hadn’t this buyer seen or heard about this product in the 4 years it had been on the market?

You can have a great product, but without marketing it will never really sell. The two have to go hand in hand with equal importance, if you want a best seller.

Apple is almost as famous for its launch marketing as it is for its product innovation.

Pandora’s marketing transformed a common bead into a global best seller.

P&G’s Product and Marketing teams revived a failing Oil of Olay and created $2B+ Olay brand!

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