Its been emotional!

New Tesco boss David Lewis says “culture, processes and proposition must change” in other words they need to improve the performance of their people, the profitability of their products and the productivity their process – all common management challenges whether you have 5 employees or 500,000 employees.

For more years than I care to remember I have been both a supplier to and a shopper at Tesco, but recently we have gone our separate ways or should I say they went their way leaving me to find my own way.

As a supplier the reasons were strategic, as a shopper the reasons were emotional…because that’s how we all shop, and that’s why all businesses have to engage with their customer’s emotions as well as their wallets.

My emotions were initially triggered by finding the shelves empty when I and my overloaded trolley arrived at the half price offers – particularly on wine and dishwasher tabs! Then cemented every time, I turned the corner on the final aisle and saw the queues at the checkout. No matter what day or what time of day there were always more closed than open and that’s a lot when you’ve got 30+ checkouts – “get me out of here I’ve got a life to live”.

More concerning for the suppliers of trusted and loved brands, the introduction of discounted recessionary lines did two things – firstly it squeezed the shelf space increasing the risk of empty shelves for the products that defined the store I was choosing to do my weekly shop in and; secondly it drew attention to a sector of the market I had not previously considered.

I am now a happy shopper at the store that allows me to “spend a little and live a lot”!

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