This is the self-preservation society, the self-preservation society.

How big is your company society?

There may just be one or two individuals or there may be enough to form an unofficial self-preservation society, with members from all levels of the company, including the management.

Where they exist in numbers they can have a quiet but stifling effect on the business and before you realise it, the business rather like the coach loaded with gold bullion is teetering over the edge of the cliff, rocking backwards and forwards but never quite enough to go over and never quite enough to regain any forward traction.

How do you spot members of the self-preservation society? 

Well it can be difficult if you’ve been with the company for some time, as you’ve probably developed a blind spot. It’s much easier for someone new to the company with more recent experience of how other companies function.

But here are a few tell-tale signs to help you scope the size of your company’s self-preservation society:

  • Members make their work fill their day.
  • Not a minute more not a minute less, yet they are always busy.
  • Heads down, Hands down – two things members never do is lift them up.
  • Silently resistant rather than offering constructive comments.
  • They often possess many years of experience – the same few years several times over.
  • Departmental Silos are their natural habitat, they offer them protection and longevity.
  • More often defined by their title, than by what they actually do.
  • They warm seats, drive desks and are happily engrossed in email.
  • New starters don’t stay very long – well the ambitious ones at least.

In my experience there are 3 options: Leave. Live with it. Or Change it !

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