Engage your customers by engaging your staff.

Markets are becoming more and more competitive with new brands, products, services, initiatives, stores and websites.

As a consequence we all have to be smarter in our thinking and approach as to how we want to be perceived by our customers, as ultimately it’s how we make them feel that will attract and retain their custom. It’s true that is how the majority of us shop these days… according to how we feel.

We certainly remember the stand out experiences – the good as well as the bad, but the vast majority of experiences are bland, and in today’s social media world you can’t afford to be anything other than BRILLIANT.

Put simply, you could have developed and invested thousands to have the best proposition in your market but if your employees don’t believe in it or feel part of it, then your customers are never going to get it, understand it or importantly feel it.

Engagement is not just another phrase thought up by academics and consultants or something that just applies to the large multi nationals. It is a term used to describe a business culture or approach that can and has made businesses of all shapes and sizes more efficient, more effective and ultimately more profitable.

In 2014 a Financial Times survey of CEO’s reported that

“Leaders of UK businesses stated that the two most critical challenges in delivering sustainable business success were employee and customer relationships and that employee engagement is a greater priority than customer service.”

You know from your own experience that engaged individuals tend to:

  • take fewer sick days
  • stay with you longer
  • work not only harder but smarter
  • are more committed to achieving their objectives
  • find more innovative solutions to problems
  • more likely to use their own initiative to do a good job, for you and your business

Engagement … you know it makes sense, but do you know how?

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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