Are you a Holiday Wimp?

According to a recent UBS survey the Japanese take fewer holidays than any other nation (only 33% of their full entitlement) and the French the most holidays (89% of their full entitlement) with the Brits and the Yanks somewhere in between.

The survey brought back memories of Gordon Gekko’s “lunch is for wimps” in the 1987 film Wall Street –  are we beginning to feel the same about taking holidays?

In some organisations taking your full holiday entitlement could be seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of commitment to the job; in others taking less than your entitlement could be seen as a sign of insecurity or indeed inefficiency.

What’s the holiday culture in your organisation?

In the last 3 years have you ever

  1. failed to take your full holiday entitlement?
  2. interrupted your holiday to respond to emails?
  3. called the office whilst on holiday?
  4. returned to work during a holiday?

Can you remember how each of the above made you feel?

Most of us fall into one of the following camps, those who profess to be too busy for a holiday, those who look as if they always need a holiday, those who continually tell you they need a holiday and those who ensure they use their full holiday entitlement.

Which one are you?

I’d recently been at my desk for several hours and I decided that I needed a break (insert Holiday). I’d been working hard and deserved one… but then the following question challenged my decision “how productive had those desk hours actually been?”

AND here’s the point…

My best holidays have been those that followed productive days, weeks, and months; which may have been long and at times difficult, but I was doing a job I liked, doing it well and felt good about it.

This meant on holiday, I was able to immediately relax, sleep well, feel good, not be distracted and dare I say, better company.

I was confident and relaxed about what and who I’d left behind and I wasn’t stressing over what I’d return too.

Enjoy your Job … Enjoy your Holiday!

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