Engagement – it’s more than Christmas hats and Turkey baps.

It’s that time of the year again when employers say THANK YOU to their employees under the embarrassment-free guise of Christmas … and why not?

I’m one for tradition, but I’m also one for saying thank you as and when it is relevant – so don’t save it up for one BIG end of year gesture, make it Christmas everyday – just without the Christmas hats and Turkey baps.

In today’s modern 24/7 work society, staff engagement should be a daily clarion call to all employers.

Successfully engaging with your employees doesn’t have to be expensive…
and it can make a positive difference to your bottom line. “94% of the worlds most admired companies believe that their efforts to engage employees have created a competitive advantage”. (Hays Survey)

You know that the essence of a good company is having good people; and that if you support your people they will support you.

Engaged employees tend to take fewer sick days, stay with companies’ longer, work not only harder but smarter, are more committed to achieving their objectives; find more innovative solutions to problems, and are more likely to use their own initiative to do a good job.

Successfully engaging with your employees doesn’t have to be complicated…
How often do your employees hear your appreciation for what they have done?
How are they encouraged and motivated to give their best each day?
How often do you ask for their opinion?
How do you provide a culture that encourages and enables them to reach their individual potential?

Employees are people too, and people on the whole behave according to how they feel – how do you want your people to feel about you?

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