Even those at the top need nourishment

What’s your diet like? Are you getting the necessary food for growth, health, and success? Are you building your immune system to cope with the pressure, uncertainty and change?

If you are in a responsible position you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your business and your employees -physically emotionally and professionally, and if you neglect yourself there is every chance that those around you will also suffer.

These feelings of responsibility tend to be more acute in smaller businesses where often the MD or CEO is the owner and main decision maker, and mistakes can be costly, even to the extent of threatening everything they’ve work for – mortgage, school fees, holidays, and the continuation of the family business. No one else in smaller businesses tends to feel that isolation in decision making.

“It is no longer about the lone male hero receiving applause for solving everyone’s problems. Leaders need to allow those around them to shine, stop being fearful of saying ‘I don’t know’, and allow different voices and opinions to be heard.” Dr Tobias, Cranfield University

Yet Bosses don’t like to share such apparent weaknesses and vulnerabilities particularly to those who may exploit them. Anxiety and sleepless nights over an issue or required decision can take on gargantuan proportions of uncontrollable aspects. How often have you gone home worrying about a member of your team that did something wrong, when it’s them that should be worrying about you?

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to one self, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.” Carl Jung

Who is going to tell you that you are no longer making something better  just different?

Business Mentors are not just the domain of start-ups and the under thirties – they are more than a Red Adair (external problem solver) or personal coach, they can be a confidant and in time a friend who supports and challenges, listens and debates, guides and facilitates.

Thomas Chapman’s dissertation on CEO’s in the health service concludes “that CEOs perceive high value in being with other CEOs for one-on-one, informal group interaction, and for having access to a congregation of CEOs in a unique group setting.” – In modern parlance Networking.

Being too busy is no excuse for not changing your diet – we all manage to find time (sometimes selfishly) for the things we regard as being important AND your personal performance should be just as important as the business performance. Otherwise you may become another victim of the Peter Principle.

The principle that members of a hierarchy are promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent, everything they know and regard as tried and trusted no longer works in more challenging situations. They have reached their “level of incompetence” and seen their last promotion.

Nourish your personal and professional development – don’t become another Peter!

Dietary Advice that will improve your health, growth and success:

  1. Control you diary – don’t let it control you.
  2. Invest in improving your own performance – not just the performance of the business
  3. Don’t assume 20 years’ experience is the answer – it may be one years’ experience twenty times over.
  4. Create work free zones – manage your holidays and weekends
  5. Network – find people who you feel are similar and commit the time and effort to building trusting supportive relationships.
  6. Consider a mentor – it’s good to talk.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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