3 insights from last year that could make a VALUE difference to this year

Well what a year 2016 turned out to be, aside from Brexit, Trump, becoming a Grandparent and Manchester City reaching the semi-final of the Champions league, I am no longer Big in Brazil but made a sizeable impression at a Canadian Business School – it’s amazing what Google Analytics can show you.

Here are last year’s most read Value Innovator posts, which you may have missed and in turn missed the opportunity to make a VALUE difference this year.

#1 What NO really means   https://goo.gl/Ci8yXa

There was a time when Trainers would tell you “that if you don’t hear the word NO more than you hear the word Yes – you are not asking enough of your customers.”

#2 Would you follow your leadership style   https://goo.gl/eBNia1

Forget the words that spring to mind when you think of Trump, Jose or Corbyn, instead reflect on the emotions your style of leadership creates in those you lead.

#3 Are you too busy doing stuff  https://goo.gl/HLMBzm

I once shared a board room with Gimli, the dwarf warrior from Lord of the Rings and his gruff, in your face “its stuff, just stuff” mantra.

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