I’m the Monster my Boss Created

Six words uttered by my boss that concluded a disappointing conversation on a proposal that had been rejected by their boss. I only ever heard them once and we never referred to them again and yet they have remained with me for years.

Six words that said all there was to say about the culture of the business, the creator (the big boss) and the created (my boss)… the sense of helplessness, the lack of control, the inability to influence, feelings of being trapped by the money, the fear of leaving, and even the desire to see it out to the end, despite the obstacles and the inability to let it go.

There are countless surveys supporting the claim that “people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses” but what about those they leave behind, those who fall into the “happy to stay” and the “unhappy to stay”, and those too fearful to exercise something we all have … CHOICE.

Here are six challenges for the Frankensteins and Monsters in your organisation

Six challenges for the Creators – the monster makers.

  1. recognise how much you set the “mood” within the business.
  2. work on creating a culture that makes people want to stay.
  3. live the values that will motivate and inspire people.
  4. manage performance regularly and positively.
  5. look for strengths over weaknesses.
  6. build genuine relationships.

Six challenges for the Created – the monsters

  1. recognise that their values are not yours.
  2. remain true to who you are.
  3. avoid taking the misery of work home.
  4. do not allow the culture to become your excuse.
  5. accept that your boss may not want to change.
  6. exercise something we all have … choice by answering The Clash Classic Conundrum  “Should I stay or should I go?

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