Do YOU run your business or does IT run you?


Aside from the few occasions that can best be described as: it’s got to be done now, the I’ll be home late tonight call or the Saturday morning in the office just to catch up – are you the one who runs the business, manages its people and takes the decisions or are you run by it?


Do you spend more time reacting to situations than you do on proactive activities?


Are you too busy even now, to read let alone consider the following, that could help you reduce anxiety, release more time and enable you to run a more effective business for all involved.


How many of these attitudes and behaviours do you need to manage in yourself or your people?


·       Time Thieves – the “have you got a minute”, the “I just need to tell you that zzzzzzzzzz”, the “I’m too busy to do anything else” people. They need help managing themselves or they need managing out.


·       Delegation Dilemmas – of course it’s probably too important to delegate after all “if a job’s worth doing, its worth doing well” but it’ll never happen unless you try, try, and try again until you get it right – you may even be surprised that your staff do a better job than you ever did.


·       Trust Trials – if it really is a problem to let go, start with the small things, not necessarily the company credit card or the keys to the factory and as your trust grows allow the amount of responsibility you share to grow-  it’ll work wonders for you and those around you.


·       Responsibility Rewards – acknowledge, thank and where appropriate praise – which is often reward enough especially if it doesn’t happen very often. But also, be generous when you can – a late start, an early finish or a meal out for those having to stay away on weekend business can go a long way to show your appreciation and build an employee’s sense of worth.


·       Holiday Hots – the days of self-imposed stress and anxiety leading up to a holiday and immediately following a holiday, as you try to clear your in-tray before of everything that should have been done sooner or could realistically wait till you get back. The lost few days towards the end of the holiday as you anticipate what you’ll face when you get back to your desk, and the oft heard “I need another holiday” within the first few days of your return – all of which could be avoided if you managed yourself better.


·       Reasons Reasons Reasons – time after time,why something was not done or targets not achieved; you may appear to be listening but you switched off long ago. The solution is not simple and it’s not quick but it works, remove the obstacles and provide everything required to achieve what needs to be done or remove the people, because “if you can’t change the people change the people”.


·       Present with a Purpose – “sorry I can’t talk now I’m going into a meeting” or “I’m afraid he is in a meeting can I take a message”. Learn to say no to meeting invitations, and to only invite those who need to be present in your meetings, you or your staff don’t have time to warm seats and the meeting will be shorter and more effective without passengers. In time the habit will spread and the released meeting hours will make a positive impact on the life and soul of the business.



By changing the way, you or your staff work, you can take back control of your business and be much happier in the process.


Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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