Careers & Cocktails–now’s the time!

It makes more sense to plan your next move, when you are less frazzled, and away from the demands of the job. When you are relaxed and can enjoy the emotional and mental space that comes with a summer holiday (and cocktail)

Consider the 6C’s of the Careers and Cocktails plan, that will help you start early and get ahead whilst everyone else is snoozing in the sun.

  1. Chill – do not feel guilty about taking time out of your holiday to reflect on how you got to where you are and where you want to be next year. (holiday destinations included)
  2. Context – the excess baggage you’ve brought with you, that’s often-labelled stress, guilt, frustration and disappointment– why did you pack them or rather who packed them for you and why did you bring them?
  3. Clarify – what you don’t enjoy doing, what you enjoy doing AND what you are passionate about doing. Try and get to the very essence of what you want to do and write it down on one side of a cocktail napkin, then turn it over and think about…
  4. Culture – consider the type of culture you want to work in – the hours, the environment, the decision-making process, the colleagues, the flexibility, the adaptability, the responsibility, the engagement, the autonomy. Reflect on the cultures that have inspired you, either having previously worked in them, read about them or been told about them. With what, do you feel an immediacy?
  5. Company – some avoid certain sectors, some target specific sectors, others believe they are only qualified to work in a single sector. What about you? Often the happiest people are those who are working in a sector that they are passionate about … as it never feels like work.
  6. Catch Up – people are more relaxed and receptive to approaches in the summer, so start to think about the former colleagues, friends and acquaintances you can reconnect with, who may be able to help you connect with those who are currently working in the companies or cultures you’ve just thought about.

Then fold the napkin away safely and order another cocktail – you’ve earnt it.

“Summertime when the living is easy…

One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing

And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.”

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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