Why some Leaders should go to school with Prince George

How many Leaders do you know, who would benefit from a term back at school with four-year-old Prince George; to enable them to learn the importance of Enjoyment, Learning and Achievement within the workplace.

Last week the future King started school at Thomas’ Battersea in London where termly fees of £6,000 could easily be swallowed by a week’s residential Executive Leadership course, which would not necessarily guarantee to deliver in such simple, easy to grasp terms, the school’s Leadership framework of ‘Enjoyment, Learning and Achievement’. Something that underpins the culture of every successful organisation, where staff enjoy their job, feel they are developing and achieving, both individually and as an organisation.

The school’s most important rule is “be kind” followed closely by “celebrate difference” – not complicated and again something at the cultural core of many successful companies, if dressed up a little differently in their Annual Reports.

Along with the 3R’s the school teaches 5 proactive principles of Leadership.

  1. equip people to lead by example (aka mentor and coach)
  2. to be prepared to stand out from the crowd (aka think, question, lead)
  3. to be the first to respond to a colleague in need (aka support and encourage)
  4. to stand up for what they believe to be right (aka to remain silent is wrong)
  5. to risk making unpopular decisions, for the greater good (aka selfless and altruistic)

And as many know but few embrace, with education comes responsibility and accountability, through clear expectation.

“we expect our pupils (employees) to make impressive progress as a result of their own hard work, the best efforts of their teachers (managers), the judicious support of their parents (boards) and the encouragement of their peers (colleagues)”

Leadership – it could be as simple as ABC.

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