I bring you gifts from three wise people

We three kings of Orient are

Bearing gifts, we traverse afar…

And continuing the seasonal theme

I bring you gifts from three wise men (well two men and one woman)

That will help you…




The first gift from Mary Portas – the Queen of shops

“When recruiting someone always ask yourself if they pass the dinner party test … could you sit next to them for 3 hours?”.

Would you enjoy working with them?

The second gift is from Damian Hughes – the liquid thinker

“There’s an old saying about the difference between involvement and commitment. It’s like ham and eggs. In ham and eggs the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed”.

Do you know which of your staff are pigs?

The third gift is from methe value innovator (well it’s used by many, so I’ve tweaked it a little, to claim it as my Christmas gift to you)

“An opinion without data is just an opinion”

How much of your time is spent listening to opinion that could be spent listening to the data?


Merry Christmas


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