2017 most read Value Innovator posts

Here are last year’s 3 most popular Value Innovator posts, which you may have missed and in turn missed the opportunity to make a VALUE difference in this year.

#3          I’m the Monster my Boss Created.

Six words that said all there was to say about the culture of the business, the creator and the created … the sense of helplessness, the lack of control, the inability to influence, feelings of being trapped by the money, the fear of leaving, and even the desire to see it out to the end, despite the obstacles and the inability to let it go.

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#2          Ten Reasons why Appraisals FAIL

A survey of senior business leaders by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development on attitudes to appraisals, reported that 73% of leaders considered annual appraisals ineffective.

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#1          Company Centric Processes COST you.

Customer habits are changing and if you fail to anticipate them or at least follow them you will lose them. Business processes need to be customer centric, they need to serve the customer’s wants. Organisations that achieve this will gain business from those who don’t.

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Happy New Year

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