Your business may have grown, but have you?

Rodney is 77 years old, and as we chatted it was clear he had experienced life – not in terms of the trappings of career progression and boardroom status but his grey hair, wrinkled face, and twinkling eyes said he knew a thing or two about life and the pearl of wisdom he hit me with…

“real growth is something that comes from the inside out Michael, it’s not something you get at the gym.”

Which got me thinking about my own growth and the growth of those I had worked with over the years. The experienced Sales Director with 20 years’ in the role that was little more than the same 2 years ten times over; or the wasted talent of the creative Product Assistant who with a little more application could have gone far; or the promising young Manager who failed to grow with the business. We’ve all met and known them at sometime or other in our careers.

Growth isn’t something you get from outside, but the outside can inspire personal growth.

You can attend every conference, complete every course, meet the great, the good and the inspiring but if you don’t apply what you have seen and heard, you will be stunting your growth and wasting potential talent to become a “better” person, partner, peer or professional.

5 Self Growth Questions for you and your business.

Q1: How good is your community?
The people you chose to surround yourself with, what do you allow them to bring to you or the business… positivity, negativity, energy, fatigue, support, challenge, or the courage to say NO to you. Build a good community around you, listen, be receptive and act accordingly.

Q2: How much time do you spend interacting with Millennials?
There is much talk and coverage of engaging the millennial generation of consumers.
It’s probably more important to your business right now and your own development to learn how to engage the millennial generation that are employed in your business.

Q3: When did you last apply something new in terms of your thinking and approach to the business?
Growth comes from your personal commitment to learn, adapt, and change as an individual. It is a journey just like the rest of life, so use milestones to check your progress and ensure your not stuck on a roundabout.

Q4: Are you still trying to be the person you’re not?
Authenticity is key … to be true to yourself you have to know yourself – no I didn’t get that from inside a fortune cookie, but the reality of understanding yourself will help you in the way you approach your people and your profession and, in some cases, it may mean you make a company or career change.

Q5: What changes have you personally made in response to your biggest failure?
Learn from your experience, accept the responsibility of its wisdom and be the change you want to see.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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