2018 Greatest Hits

So Greatness is all relative and Hits ain’t quite what they used to be!

Nevertheless, here are the most viewed Value Innovator blogs of 2018.

#3 Has the internet killed the Sales Professional?

The demographic of the audience (and buyers) may have changed, the rules may have changed but the sales basics of meeting needs has not! Particularly for products and services that cannot be easily supplied over the internet.     Read the blog

#2 Does your company have a Growth Culture?

Here are the three essentials of a growth culture, a few key questions to challenge your thinking and a handful of helpful tips to get your growth started.   Click for the essentials


And a re-entry at number one, after first charting on Valentine’s Day 2016


#1 How sustainable is your USP?

Commonly understood as a unique selling point or proposition, widely accepted as a defining point of difference, and often misunderstood on two critical aspects – unique and sustainable. Most businesses are unable to claim a UNIQUE selling proposition and fewer still a SUSTAINABLE one.    Review your USP


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019

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