It’s time to reset your Leadership compass.

During the storm that was covid19, good Leaders quickly and decisively altered their course and their style to lead their businesses and teams through the unknowns and uncertainties of the pandemic. Many excelled in supporting their people physically, financially, emotionally, mentally; as well as championing changes in their businesses to ensure the business would survive the storm in some shape or other.

The vaccine and the Prime Minister’s roadmap now signal the time for a business leader to reset their leadership compass, as we leave behind the fear of yesterday and look to the hope of tomorrow.

Whether employees have worked as normally as possible through covid, or remotely or been on furlough, when they return with their colleagues to their place of work they will be looking less for empathy and more for direction – employees will want to understand the roadmap for the business and what it means for them.

Before a roadmap can be shared, considered, and adopted, it needs to be written; and a good place to start is with the answer to the question, which changes will endure?

Consider the changes the business may have witnessed, experienced, or implemented in terms of sector, suppliers, customers, costs, people, product, and process.

For example, will all employees want to return from remote working, do they need to return to their pre-covid place of work?  In terms of the hours of work, can they also be flexible?  Can certain roles continue to be fulfilled (and fulfilling) outside the normal place of work in the normal hours of work?

What dormant skill sets, and behaviours will need re-energising – sales conversations, time keeping, in person (off screen) meetings?

A good road map allows a Leader to clearly set out for the employees, the direction of the business, the goals, plans and activities, and importantly clarify the expectations the business has of each employee, in terms of standards, behaviours and attitudes – in short what it means for them.

Since 2013 I have been helping ambitious SMEs with their Strategic and Leadership challenges.

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