2021 Greatest Hits

Greatness is all relative and Hits ain’t quite what they used to be!

In case you missed you them, here are the top 3 performers in The Value Innovator 2021 charts.

The Value Innovator 2021 Country chart complied across 83 countries of which 23 are classed as one hit wonders, in that they only recorded one visit.

# 3 France

# 2 USA who moved up one place to dislodge China, who fell 6 places to 8.

# 1 UK who retained their number one slot for the 9th year running with 48% of the views – their lowest reported share since the charts began but recorded in a record year of hits.

The Value Innovator 2021 Post chart compiled from over 100 written posts since 2013 – the top 3 most read posts in 2021, feature some timeless classics.

#3     How sustainable is your USP? Written almost 6 years ago this hit has recorded some impressive numbers over the years and makes the top 3 for the first time since it topped the charts in 2018.

“Commonly understood as a unique selling point or proposition, widely accepted as a defining point of difference, and often misunderstood on two critical aspects – unique and sustainable. Most businesses are unable to claim a Unique selling proposition and fewer still a Sustainable one.”


#2     Ten Reasons Why Appraisals Fail. First released in 2017 its recharted at number 3 in 2020 and moved up one place in 2021.

“A quick calculation on the back of an envelope suggests that during my time as a company employee I was involved in over 700 appraisals – some were good, some were not so good, and only a few were memorable and my tip for those conducting appraisals, ensure your appraisals remain relevant to your business and add value to your staff”.


#1     Five Step Process to Successful Range Management. Initially written for a conference session in 2018 it stormed to the top of the 2020 chart and stayed there in 2021.

“I’ve ranged product from bars of soap to bars of gold, coffee makers to carpet and it isn’t or shouldn’t be complicated; but it’s often seen as a dull, number crunching, thankless task, especially when trying to recruit in today’s digital obsessed world, where the very basics of range management appear no longer relevant let alone appealing – it’s more than just posting, it’s about profitable sales too!”


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022


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