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The business of retail: Insights from…

I had just manoeuvred into an extremely tight parking space when I took the call – 2 experts had  withdrawn from a retail panel debate at Spring Fair International, could I help? … “retail you say”… yes in front of

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20 days to go and 20 things you can still do to generate Trade Fair sales

With the Trade Fair only 20 days away there is nothing you can do about your stand location, design,build or catalogue copy; but there is still time to do 20 quick and easy things that could make all the difference

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Trade Fairs … all marketing and NO sales…

Trade Fairs … All Marketing and NO Sales… Exhibiting at Trade Fairs can cost tens of thousands of pounds if you include stand design, build, space, services, marketing, product, travel, accommodation, subsistence etc  and I know it prompts debate in

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