The Value Board

The Value Board is for MDs, CEOs and Owners of SME’s facing challenges and opportunities in their businesses, that could benefit from the available knowledge, experience and expertise of the other SME MDs, CEOs and Owners seated at the Value Board table.

When you run or own a business you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your business and your employees – physically, emotionally and professionally. These feelings of responsibility tend to be more acute in SME’s where often the MD or CEO is the Owner and main decision maker. No one else in the business tends to feel that same isolation when making key decisions. Anxiety and sleepless nights over an issue or required decision can take on gargantuan proportions of uncontrollable aspects. You may not like to share such perceived weaknesses and vulnerabilities particularly with those around you who may exploit them.

Yet it can be hard to find reliable, unbiased, independent, advice – there may be skill gaps on your board or vested family interests affecting your decisions. It’s not enough to keep doing what you are doing and expect things to change, to ignore your blind spots or simply close your eyes and hope things will work out in the end, before the end.

And who is going to tell you that you are no longer making something better – just different?

Even MDs, CEOs and Owners need nourishment and regular time ON their business, away from their business, if they are going to maintain and improve their own performance, as well as the performance of their business. The Value Board provides that, as well as removing any feelings of isolation, you get the space and support to validate your thinking, learn new ideas, discuss best practice and hear what has and hasn’t worked for the other Value Board members.

The Value Board isn’t for everyone but the boards that really work are those with members that bring to the table the 3 C’s:

  1. Confidentiality – what’s shared stays in the group.
  2. Culture – one of trust, respect, generous in sharing and gracious in receiving.
  3. Commitment – to attend, contribute and do what you say you will do.

Members are recruited on the diversity of their business in terms of shape, size, and sector; their individual experience and expertise, their willingness to share, and the balanced mix of individual strengths and personalities round the table to ensure confidentiality, relevance and value.

The Value Board is NOT a networking group for those looking to sell their services, hand out business cards or send unsolicited emails or LinkedIn invites.

As Chair and Facilitator of The Value Board I bring to the table 20 years’ experience gained as a Director on 3 UK Boards and a European Board, each operating in different Industries and Sectors; with personal responsibility peaking at £100m, 250 employees on 17 sites across 5 countries. Since 2014, I have worked with a variety of SME boards and facilitated Peer to Peer groups around the UK for Business Owners, with revenues between half a million and five million. Yet the challenges tend to be the same, just with a few more or a few less noughts attached.

I know these groups can work and do work and its extremely rewarding to see and hear of issues being resolved, businesses growing, and relationships developing. It’s what I do, it’s what I enjoy, and according to the testimonials I do it “well”.

I am now recruiting a Value Board for the M5 corridor between West Bromwich and Gloucester. If you would like to explore in a little more detail the benefits that being a member of The Value Board can bring to you and your business , please call me on 07817 305 122 or email me to arrange a phone call.

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