Michael’s people skills whether working with individuals or teams enable him to create within them, a desire to improve their own performance and ultimately that of your business. Motivated to achieve more, by becoming more aligned to the business strategy, more efficient and more effective thus more productive – as well as feeling better about themselves and the business they work for; which leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately a more successful organisation.

His 30 years of blue chip commercial experience have been marked by some notable achievements that demonstrate the sort of insightful thinking, problem-solving and can-do spirit that really can transform a company’s fortunes.

The following brief snapshots of the positive influence Michael can bring to bear can be divided into three key areas: the way in which Michael’s leadership skills can galvanise the performance of PEOPLE; the fresh thinking that can help to sell more PRODUCT; and, finally, how looking at PROCESS from a different perspective can introduce efficiencies that can have an immediate and lasting impact upon a company’s bottom line.


Leading UK Wallpaper Manufacturer

A leading wallpaper business was suffering from frequent staff churn in its Product Management Team and was facing the loss of its two most senior people to a major competitor.

As a result, it was always having to go outside for senior replacements, which was bad for moral, restricted personal development, was proving extremely expensive in recruitment fees, as well as disruptive to customer relationships and ultimately damaging to the business.

Michael set about reviewing personnel procedures and packages to secure the two managers, if only for the short term, as well as protecting the business from future staff poaching. The review was designed to enable the company to promote from within, develop promotional candidates, build staff loyalty and target recruitment at more junior level.

The output of the Michael’s review reorganised the team into three focused cells, comprising a Senior Product Manager, a Product Manager and an Assistant, with each individual being briefed and measured on overseeing work and involving others on related work, as well as paying part of their bonus on the overall performance of the cell.

As a result, the immediate threat to the business was neutralized, personal development plans were introduced to retain the most able, and recruitment costs dramatically reduced, as was business loss from key staff churn.


“I know I need help, I just don’t know where to start”

Said the MD of a family business, that manufactured commodity products in the consumer goods sector.

Resisting the temptation to apply previously successful templates to the apparent problems; Michael spent the opening sessions with the MD on understanding the detail of the business, the context of the perceived challenges and importantly identifying the engagement process most appropriate to their learning style and personality.

In this case, incorporating lots of discussion, followed by review, research, illustrative exercises, thought topics, between-session tasks and crunching the important numbers. He led the MD through an initial four half day sessions, not only in discovering where to start but also how they could make a start and in turn face future challenges empowered with greater self confidence and a tool box of proven processes.


Multi Site Trade Counter Business

A multi-site business was suffering from fluctuating standards of procedure and performance, especially noticeable to customers who shopped at more than one site and damaging to the company’s service claims.

It was necessary to train staff to adopt a common approach across all sites to standardise processes and performance – without creating robots.

In this instance, Michael personally briefed and engaged the staff at each site, providing examples of how things could be improved. Each site subsequently elected colleagues to compile “What we do” lists to be used as a basis for defining tasks, procedures and performance standards. These task lists were then distributed across each site, trialled with staff, refined and finally launched with new procedures added when required and improvements made whenever a need was identified by their users.

As a result, staff adoption was extremely high and the business began to apply the same high standards of performance to all procedures, enhancing brand delivery and customer satisfaction as well as providing a training manual for new recruits.

Some of the areas of expertise Michael can bring to your business:

Meeting Facilitation
Skills for Growth
Cultural Change
Performance Management
Commercial Due Diligence and Post Acquisition Mentoring
Team Building and Succession Planning
Executive Board Skills
Salesforce Effectiveness
Customer Segmentation and Engagement
Handling Difficult Conversations
Leadership Skills

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