Michael’s extensive product experience gained from working with such a wide and varied range of diverse products enable him to apply the things that worked well elsewhere or innovate something quite new and refreshing to meet the ever changing needs and wants of your specific market.

His 30 years of blue chip commercial experience have been marked by some notable achievements that demonstrate the sort of insightful thinking, problem-solving and can-do spirit that really can transform a company’s fortunes.

The following brief snapshots of the positive influence Michael can bring to bear can be divided into three key areas: the way in which Michael’s leadership skills can galvanise the performance of PEOPLE; the fresh thinking that can help to sell more PRODUCT; and, finally, how looking at PROCESS from a different perspective can introduce efficiencies that can have an immediate and lasting impact upon a company’s bottom line.


Global FMCG Company

An innovative new fabric conditioner was at risk of being delisted by major UK grocers shortly after its TV launch The cause? Poor sales, high warehouse stocks and increasingly negative feedback from stores to Head Office.

The reason for the poor sales was quickly identified: the packaging was comparatively small and lightweight which meant that, when located alongside large displays of detergent it was lost, damaged or too small to communicate reasons to buy. As a result, local store managers were demanding credit notes for damaged product, relocating it away from associated product displays to obscure areas of the store and demanding the removal of excess stock.

To address these issues, though no trained designer, Michael designed a display dispenser rather like a chocolate machine, to accommodate large quantities of product, protect the packaging , provide adequate scope for messaging and sit snugly within the displays.

The product survived. More than that, it thrived. And it’s still available instore to this day.(Global Sales of $284m in 2013)

International Home Furnishings Brand

A carpet business was several months behind its budgeted launch date for a new carpet that had significant numbers attached to its success. In fact, it was even in danger of missing its peak sales season in the months leading up to Christmas.

The industry tradition and practice was to present the product, order bespoke sample sizes and hope they would be put on display either by the staff of the store when they were posted out 6 – 12 weeks later or by the company salesman on his next visit.

The challenge here was to ensure the product was on sale in store before the peak sales period.

Michael immediately actioned production of a free, pop up display stand accompanied by the requisite samples, marketing materials and point of sale in advance of a launch conference. Internal and external sales teams were motivated and incentivised to make this the first launch of its kind in the Industry and to hit the original targets set.

The teams left the sales conference in transit vans loaded with 50 kits each; the first displays were positioned within three hours and the first order received within an incredible twelve hours of the conference finishing.

In all, over 500 displays were positioned within the first week. The buzz within the trade was unprecedented with the internal sales team rushed off its feet opening new accounts and taking orders for displays from customers who had not yet seen their local salesman and, most importantly of all, the product sold over £1million of carpet in its first six months.

Jewellery Manufacturer

A chain manufacturer produced a lightweight pendant chain for manufacturers & wholesalers and a heavyweight chain for retailers to sell as purchased. The lightweight product was seen as a commodity and a secondary purchase to the pendant. The heavyweight product was suffering from declining demand due to a shift in taste, compounded by a tarnished “Del Boy” image.

The objective was to increase sales and grow margins by becoming the chain of choice. 
The target markets were the mass jewellery producers in the Far East and the independent jewellery retailers in the UK. A key challenge was to change the perception of the manufacturer in the two target markets.

A support programme based on stock availability, colour consistency, performance, product innovation, retailer approval and open book costing led to chain being sold to the key jewellery centres of Mumbai, Bangkok and Hong Kong and resold with a pendant in the UK and US markets.

In the UK, the heavyweight chain was repositioned within a new comprehensive range of jewellery that carried the chain name. Alongside the retained best sellers, new chain styles and weights were hung with pendants. Collections were sourced on a make or buy decision, exclusive partnerships were established with global brands Disney and United Colors of Benetton, along with European brands Alice and Bruce. Up and coming UK designers were featured and their collections stocked and sold. Additional staff with jewellery sales experience were recruited to provide retailers with a professional, knowledgeable and inspiring range presentation.

Within 2 years not only had the sales volumes improved but so had the margins.

Some of the areas of expertise Michael can bring to your business:

Product Extension
Multi Channel Management
Product Management
Product Profitability
New Product Development
Knowing Your Customer Proposition
Make or Buy
New Market Entry

Value Innovation

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