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This is the self-preservation society, the self-preservation society.

How big is your company society? There may just be one or two individuals or there may be enough to form an unofficial self-preservation society, with members from all levels of the company, including the management. Where they exist in

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Difficult conversations – a necessity, rarely a pleasure, and all too often avoided.

Whether you are a Team Leader or CEO, initiating difficult conversations is one of the responsibilities of your position, and one which can greatly drain not only your time but your emotions. Yet, if handled correctly they can be very

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Are you spending enough time ON your business to deliver real Growth?

As the senior manager in your business you are responsible for setting the future direction of the business and your people are depending on you to make the right decisions. These decisions cannot be taken effectively, without spending sufficient time

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Tis the season of goodwill to all employees…

So why is it “64% of all employees would rather have a new Manager than a pay rise”? It is commonly accepted that an engaged employee is a more productive employee – “94% of the worlds most admired companies believe

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Great Products or Great Marketing – which one really matters the most?

When great products suffer from poor marketing they never become best sellers! “Wow that’s fantastic,why hasn’t everyone got one!” Can you imagine the emotions of the management when they heard the buyer say that about their product ! I for

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Employee engagement shouldn’t begin and end with a Christmas drink

The essence of a good company is having good people; support your people and they will support you. How many times have you heard a Company Director say “our people are our most important asset” yet if they treated their

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10 tips on how to stop internal email undermining team spirit and limiting business growth

email is a powerful business tool which can be just as damaging as it can be beneficial to a company organisation. In many companies there’s too much time spent IN the on screen detail and too little time spent ON

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