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Key questions every Boardroom needs to answer ASAP

Even high performing, strategically sound businesses, that have been run extremely well over the pre-covid years, are having to reassess their futures. Some will become stronger, some will recover, and some will cease, but there is one thing for certain,

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A GOAL without a plan is just a WISH

After 30 years in what is generically referred to as “corporate life” where we even planned the plan, the shock of working with smaller businesses that do not produce a plan, let alone written goals was (for me) an anathema

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2018 Greatest Hits

So Greatness is all relative and Hits ain’t quite what they used to be! Nevertheless, here are the most viewed Value Innovator blogs of 2018. #3 Has the internet killed the Sales Professional? The demographic of the audience (and buyers)

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Even those at the top need nourishment

What’s your diet like? Are you getting the necessary food for growth, health, and success? Are you building your immune system to cope with the pressure, uncertainty and change?

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5 Insights from last year that could make a difference to this year

The following were my most popular posts last year; which you may have missed,along with the opportunity to make a value difference this year. What NO really means There was a time when Trainers would tell you “that if

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What NO really means.

New Parents often promise themselves never to use the word NO when speaking to their children, choosing instead to use alternative words, which is good in principle, develops language skills but exhausting and particularly irritating when they become “inbetweeners”. There

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Are you spending enough time ON your business to deliver real Growth?

As the senior manager in your business you are responsible for setting the future direction of the business and your people are depending on you to make the right decisions. These decisions cannot be taken effectively, without spending sufficient time

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Managing Motivational Meetings

I could get far more work done, if I wasn’t wasting my time in so many boring meetings! We have all heard it said and some of us, if we’re honest, have thought it. It’s not impossible to manage motivational

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Employee engagement shouldn’t begin and end with a Christmas drink

The essence of a good company is having good people; support your people and they will support you. How many times have you heard a Company Director say “our people are our most important asset” yet if they treated their

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The Skills for Growth – were they developed or axed in your business during the recession?

As the worst of the recession is reported to be behind us, focus is now turning to the lack of skills required for growth. If it is to be believed computing, engineering and manufacturing are all crying out for a

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